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2020 has brought some challenges upon us, it has put us to a test in many ways and we were not ready for the task causing an overload of stress sabotaging our mental stability, making our body lethargic with a stay-home lifestyle, affecting our emotions...Now more than ever is critical to take care of our wellbeing. Ayurveda & Energy Medicine work at a deeper level connecting with your mind and emotions at the same time taking as we taking care of our body.

Covid-19 Wellness Relief Special

Release stress and anxiety while clearing your energy field and your physical body from pain and blockages.

Get 30 Min. Distant Reiki for $33

Get 60 Min. Distant Reiki for $66

Due to COVID-19 we are not accepting in-person appointments at this time.

Only distant Reiki Energy Healing is available for booking.

Reiki Treatment






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Why Ayurveda?

It can help with


Abhyanga helps stimulate the muscles and organs required to produce a bowel movement


The Bliss Therapy: Abhyanga  and Shirodhara help improve mental & physical fatigue while removing toxins from the body.


Remove body toxins through Abhyanga therapy (ayurvedic massage)

Sleeping Disorder

Sleep disorders are deviations from routine, typical sleep patterns that affect both sleep quality and quantity. There is a collection of core symptoms that apply to many sleep disorders. They include:

  • Waking feeling tired

  • Not sleeping enough

  • Sleeping too much

  • Sleeping at the “wrong” times

  • Mood swings

The Shirodhara Therapy (mind and spirit treatment) is beneficial for moderate to severe insomnia

Mental Health

Shirodhara Therapy (mind & spirit treatment) helps balance the mind: it helps to reduce anxiety, fear, insomnia, nervousness, and an aggressive emotional state of mind.


Shirodhara Therapy helps in treating migraines and chronic headaches. Provides relaxation and is anti-stress. Rejuvenate the skin, help the process of inner consciousness and sharpen sensory organs, it also helps  strengthen blood circulation



I am very excited to leave this wonderful teacher a review. I recently experienced my first long-distance reiki healing session and I was extremely impressed. The practitioner helped me feel very comfortable and at ease before beginning and answered all the questions and concerns that I had. During our long-distance reiki session, I could feel her angelic energy, good intentions and what it felt like was energetic waves throughout my entire body. I recently had been struggling with some chronic fatigue & depression and this is what I needed! I woke up the next day earlier then my alarm clock and in a positive mood the next day. I highly recommend it. I'm Very happy!”

— Jesann Cruz

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