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Walking Bare Foot Or “Earthing” Is Beneficial For Health And Reduces Many Diseases.

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Ayurvedically, traditionally, we ate on the floor when we ate our #food. We would walk #barefoot on the #ground.

The barefoot walking was considered good for the eyes and also for the head, because the head is another electrically charged place. When you touch your head to the ground, you are also #earthing yourself

Earthing helps fight chronic stress, autonomic #nervoussystem dysfunction, inflammation, #pain, poor #sleep, disturbed heart rate variability, and #heartdisease. Alongside #nutrition, physical activity, clean air and water, and sunshine, #grounding or #earthing might be essential in maintaining good health BY VIRENDER SODHI, MD (AYURVEDA), ND

My connection

For me is about #connecting and #recharging, it also brings me to the attitude of #gratitude as we have so much to be grateful for especially from #MotherEarth.

Earthing reminds me of who I am and what I am here for. It reminds me to serve and to be #happy while at it, enjoying the #journey of my path.

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